Pony Club Grounds Fund Raising

We are fundraising to ensure that young riders and adults continue to have opportunities to learn, compete and have fun at the Pony Club Grounds.

Our efforts focus on upgrading and maintaining the facilities at the Pony Club Grounds, including:
  • adding more camping sites, including some with electrical hookups,
  • installing more pipe corrals,
  • extending water lines,
  • adding new jumps and making improvements to our cross-country and stadium jump courses,
  • opening new galloping paths, and
  • documenting our progress with a 50 year celebration party and publication of a book.

How To Donate

Sponsorship Levels

Paradise Creek Pony Club is a 501(c)
(3) organization.

Pony Club A Level                $2,000+
Pony Club HA Level             $1,500+
Pony Club B Level                $1,000+
Pony Club C3 Level              $500+
Pony Club C2 Level              $250+
Pony Club C1 Level              $100+
Pony Club D3 Level              $50+
Pony Club D1/2 Level          $25+

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Thank you for your consideration.